Memories of Kerala

I come from a small town called Thidanad located in the state of Kerala, India. My family moved around a lot so I had not stayed there for long. Nevertheless, I have fond memories of grey skies, green waters and stunning natural beauty. The following are a collection of wood cut prints inspired by the experience of living in a place where nature simultaneously embraces and frightens you.

Surprise Visit
 - 11.75” x 8.25” , Woodcut Print on A3 cartridge paper

Raindrops from the Rooftops - 5”x 5”, Woodcut Print   on A4 rice paper

Thunderstorms -  5”x5”, Woodcut print on A4 cartridge paper

The Earth beneath the Nutmeg Tree
- 5”x5” , Woodcut Print on A4 cartridge paper

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